High Carbon Ferro Manganese:

SMC was the first producer of Ferro-Manganese in the Middle East.  The plant was established in 1966 and unfortunately, didn’t start production due to the Arab Israel war in 1967. Rehabilitation project took place after the withdrawal of the Israel forces from Sinai and in 1993, the project was completed under the supervision of Elkem, the famous Norwegian Ferro-alloy producer. The plant comprises one electric furnace of 21 MW and the power needed for the furnace is insured by a power station using 3 gas turbines each of 7 MW. The power station was commissioned by ABB of Switzerland. The capacity of the furnace is about 36,000 MTPA of high carbon Ferro Manganese. 

Specifications :


High Grade

Low Grade

74 : 78
70 :74


6 :  8

6 :  8


1.50 max.

1.50 max.


0.2  max.

0.25 max.


0.03 max.

0.03 max.

Size According to customer requirements.