Company Profile:

Sinai Manganese Co. SMC was founded on May, 18th. 1957, to exploit the manganese deposits in Sinai Peninsula, Egypt. The company succeeded to replace the British Sinai Mining Company which ceased its operations in June 1960 the mandate of SMC was expanded to include exploration of other economic mineral sources such as Kaolin, Gypsum, Bentonite, Silica Sand, Quartz & Manganese ore.

Sinai Manganese Co. is the first and the largest producer of manganese ore in Egypt. SMC produces the high and low grades of manganese ore. SMC operates a 36000 MTPA electrical furnace at Abu-Zinima Sinai, Egypt, producing the high carbon Ferro Manganese. There is no other competitor in the Middle East producing such Ferroalloy. SMC has its own gas turbine power station producing 21 MW.

The plant uses latest technology and continues to strive hard for innovation and employing the best techniques by interacting with world renowned companies. Special efforts are being made for reduction in energy consumption. SMC shall be connected with the national electricity grid by the end of 2010 that will impact positively on the production costs. Since 1993, SMC was specialized in the high carbon Ferro Manganese having 76% contents of Manganese. Considering the rising in demand of Silico-Manganese, SMC has embarked upon an expansion plan to produce both Ferro & Silico Manganese alloys. SMC has been awarded ISO 9000-2000 in the year 2003.

Another industrial activity of SMC is the production of Gypsum Plaster (Calcined Gypsum) that started in 1990 with capacity of 250,000 MTPA.



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